Hey ! You ! Remember me ? It's me Sanne with her depressed blog. Whoops.. Sorry ! My parents discovered my tumblr one year ago.. They weren't happy with my tumblr.. and my arms... covered in scars. I got therapy and it helped.. A little. But my boyfriend helped the most ! I want a happy blog. So this is it. :) Oh btw I'm 16 years old :P Hahaha and sorry guys but my English is still terrible. Whoopsss! Followers at the moment: 1083 !!! Yaaaay. Oh and I love bands like Green day, Nirvana, BMTH (a little), All time low, Pierce the veil, Fall out boy, Sleeping with sirens and I'm from the Netherlands. Yayy ! My favorite food is chips and pizza. Ask me anything you want and please.. stay strong ! ~Modelbluemoonlight